Based on Tayden's original ceramic M Series guitar speaker, the TRUE BRIT range comprises of 10", 12" and 15" drivers that deliver a classic 1960s creamy blues sound...

 inspired by that stalwart of guitar speakers, the Celestion G12M commonly known as the GREENBACK. Like the Greenback, the Tayden True Brit is a bit of a brute. Built to withstand heavy distortion, The True Brit 12" sounds silky yet aggresive and being primarily designed to cope with high distortion applications, this Tayden would be ideal when used as a quartet inside a 4 x 12" guitar speaker cabinet. In the context of a 1 x 12" combo, the True Brit sounds best when the amp is cranked or the overdrive channel is active: backed-off the True Brit is polished and very controlled.
Great for rock and metal players looking for an aggresive tone tempered with an authentic vintage style warmth and detail